About this Research Study

How to Use this Website

How to use this website

This website is currently under construction, and will slowly be taking shape over the next few months. A final (or at least, more stable) version will be available in early 2010. Until then, I beg your indulgence and patience

This website is designed as an "Ethnographic Hypermedia Environment" (EHE). You can read more about this under "Methodology" in this About Section. There are three ways of accessing the research:

1.  By reading my dissertation (under "Thesis"). This is the formal text constructed as part of my EdD studies at Murdoch University. It follows a traditional thesis format in presenting a literature review, a methodology and methods section, the results/data of the study, a discussion and analysis of findings, and recommendations. Audio-visual materials, drawn from the EHE's archive, are included throughout to add richness and depth to the (hyper)text. A login and password is required to access the thesis.

A hypermedia format which links chapters to “core” data (Howard, 1988, p. 309)

2.  By viewing the reports, case studies, summaries, and other items related to the research. You can find these under "Reports" in the top menu. These "documents" are publicly accessible and available under a Creative Commons license.

A “guided” reporting model (Howard, 1988, p. 310)

3.  By constructing your own ethnography. Registered users have the option of constructing their own "readings" based on the data in the EHE (see: "Explore" in the menu above). This is accomplished via the "MyOmeka" function of Omeka. This section of the website requires a login and password.

A fully non-sequential and “open” hypermedia reporting model (Howard, 1988, p. 310)

I have also kept a research blog throughout the study, documenting not only field notes, decision-making, and reflections but also reporting on conferences, workshops and other significant happenings. You can access the public blog posts through the menu above. Other entries require a login and password (e.g. reflective field notes).

As you can see, there are multiple layers and levels to this website. This is the reward, and challenge, of hypermedia ethnography. As my work has involved research with minors, and the privacy and confidentiality of all participants is highly respected, access to the full data-set (and partial data sets!) is restricted. Please contact me via the form below in order to gain access.