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Site Credits

This site was developed as part of my EdD studies at Murdoch University. Having limited web development skills (and a very limited budget!) I approached people through my online networks for help. I owe a great deal of thanks to friends/followers/communities on Facebook, Twitter, and LiveJournal for their generosity, support, and encouragement.

In particular:

Gita Go
Gita designed the graphics for this website. She is a brilliant amateur illustrator, and you can see more of her work at: http://git2.livejournal.com/.

Lloyd Johnson
Lloyd is a talented web designer and inspirational coach. He helped me with the CSS for the website, and made it all look so easy. Check out his web design services at SpinnaWeb and his life coaching work at Confident Future.

The students of ICT333
In 2008, a team of Murdoch University IT students worked on developing an iPhone app to aid my ethnographic fieldwork. Nicholas Cricosta, Daniel Fielding, Sabrina Kuhn, Sebastian Nowicki and Julian Parr did a superb job in creating the Jot It Down prototype application. This year, another team are extending Jot It Down to synchronise with my Omeka database. I am grateful to both teams for their hard work, and look forward to developing the app further.

The Centre for History and New Media (CMNH)
I am also very grateful to the folk at the CMNH at George Mason University who have allowed me to base my website's design on their Making the History of 1989 site. Thankyou!

This website is powered by Omeka and Wordpress, adapting the "Berlin" theme for Omeka.

I apologise for any faults, ommissions and/or oversights. Please contact me with any queries, comments, or concerns.